Planning and Zoning – Diba Khan-Bureau

Dr. Diba Khan-Bureau is a fulltime professor and program coordinator of the Environmental Engineering Technology program at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich CT. Khan-Bureau also teaches Environmental Studies at Connecticut College as an adjunct professor. 

  • Dr. Khan-Bureau is currently a gratis research scientist at the University of Connecticut. Her research includes studying micro-algae, diatoms, and benthic macro-invertebrates (insect larvae) as biological indicators of water quality. She uses DNA and morphological methods to identify diatoms. She researches diatom diversity, invasive and native species, and their importance as biological indicators of water quality in CT and has named a new to science diatom species. Diba includes her A.S. degree students in her diatom research and they all participate in the Riffle Bioassessments of the Eightmile River watershed. She and her students perform this 4 times per year to better understand benthic macroinvertebrates (insect larvae) and water quality for the towns of Salem, East Haddam and Lyme! She provides all insect larvae samples to the CT DEEP for analysis. This provides her Environmental Engineering Technology students with hands, on real life research experience. Dr. Khan-Bureau is published in several peer-reviewed journals for her research. 
  • Diba wants to ensure that Salem is prepared for any projected growth. She believes a well-balanced plan is necessary for housing, business, and agriculture. Diba wants Salem to be prepared for climate change and its potential impact on our town. She believes in sustainable practices to protect the biodiversity of our environment in Salem and believes in a diverse community and community well-being. 

* Diba received her Ph.D. from UConn, M.S. from RPI, B.S. from UConn and her A.S. from Thames Valley State College. She has two children that she adores and loves to spend time with.