Mission and Goals

The Salem Democratic Party’s mission is to elect local and state candidates and support policies that will achieve this vision. In doing so, it recognizes the importance of childhood education, conservation of energy and natural resources, wise and fair tax policy, and the need for state policies and candidates that help Salem achieve this vision.


Specific goals to achieve the mission may including the following:

  • Adequate funding of education, pre-school through high school, including support for Salem’s outstanding public library with programs for all age groups
  • Environmental protection as embodied in by the Salem Town Plan of Conservation and Development.
  • Economic expansion of business and industry that is consistent with wise land use and the need for land conservation and maintaining Salem’s rural character
  • Recreational opportunities for all that take advantage of Salem’s open spaces with pedestrian, bike and horse trails that connect Salem with neighboring towns and contribute to a sense of community.
  • Support of Emergency Services
  • Support transparency in the legislation and administration of local government.


SDTC supports the following:


  • State tax policies that replace the unfair and regressive property and sales tax burden with a more progressive tax structure.
  • State policies that expand the health insurance pool, lowering the per/patient insurance costs and assuring coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • State policies for reasonable gun ownership that protect our citizens without denying the right for recreation and public safety, but with restrictions on those who exhibit evidence of mental instability such as domestic abuse and depression.
  • State policies that promote wise land use and significant public areas, protect the public from toxins, protect air and water quality, provide adequate environmental monitoring and enforcement, and foster energy conservation and efficient transportation.
  • State funding for adequate and safe transportation, the repair of infrastructure, especially unsafe bridges, and completion of road projects such as Route 11, for improved safety and reducing road rage by separation of local and through traffic.
  • Support of transparency in the legislation and administration of state government.

This is a non-prioritized list of goals and can be amended to at any time.